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“So Delicious” Coconut Milk – Holiday Edition & Sugar Free Vanilla

December 13, 2011

During a recent visit to Whole Foods, I was delighted to discover this holiday edition of So Delicious Coconut Milk.  Although I generally try to stay away from sweetened dairy-free milk, I simply cannot resist anything with the words “Mint Chocolate” (a potent combination indeed).

The verdict?  Pretty good.  A little on the sweet side, but that’s to be expected with the cane syrup.  All in all this drink is the perfect solution for those looking for a healthier way (sans Starbucks) to satisfy their mint-chocolate beverage fix this holiday.  And at 50 calories per serving, it’s hardly an indulgence.

Ingredient list:  Organic coconut milk (Water, Organic coconut cream), Organic dried cane syrup, Cocoa, Natural flavors, Sea salt, Carrageenan, Guar gum, Locust bean gum, Reb A (Stevia extract), Monk fruit.

On the same visit, I also decided to try the So Delicious Sugar-Free Vanilla flavor.  Although I used to love this brand (formerly known as Soy Delicious) back in the day when I was a soy-milk addict, the emergence of their coconut, soy-free version managed to escape me for years.

Shame, I didn’t know what I was missing!  Their branding couldn’t be more accurate here, as their blending of dairy-free milk is TRULY delicious.  I love the vanilla flavoring, and despite the fact that it’s sugar-free, it has just the right amount of sweetness due to the presence of stevia and monk fruit (natural sweeteners).  It’s also fortified with vitamins such as B12.

The creamy coconut milk comes in a few different flavors, so you can pick up whatever suits your fancy!

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